A biomechanical assessment is an investigation into your lower limb function.We will look closely for abnormalities and compensations. Your podiatrist will be looking for underlying possible causes of foot pain, heel pain, knee pain and even back pain.

An assessment consists of two parts; a Static examination and a Dynamic examination. A Static examination includes; non-weight bearing anatomical examination including range and quality of motion testing and muscle strength testing. A static assessment will include a close observation of posture and alignment. It may involve neurological and vascular assessments. A Dynamic examination includes walking gait and running gait assessments using the latestvideo gait analysis technology. A treadmill is often used for this assessment. A running assessment and video gait analysis is especially of great importance to runners and people who play running sports. Video gait analysis may determine symmetrical or atypical movements contributing to injury.

Sure Step Podiatry is one of the only podiatry clinics on the Mid North Coast to utilise the MAT assessment tool. It is a valid and evidence based tool allowing us to collect meaningful, reproducible quantitative data. It allows us to improve our assessments by allowing quantitative measures in all 3 dimensions of functional movement.

A thorough biomechanical assessment can take up to 1 hour. It will identify the biomechanical cause of your problems so that we can develop a tailor made treatment plan to improve your symptoms. This may involve one or more of the following; exercises to stretch or strengthen muscles, orthoses – specially made devices for you to wear inside your shoe to control, realign or cushion any abnormalities, footwear advice and referral to other members of the healthcare community if further specialist advice is needed. A chronic injury usually has multiple influencing factors and Sure Step Podiatry pride themselves in having strong relationships with fellow health care providers to provide the best outcomes for our patients.

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