General Podiatry is the assessment and maintenance of the skin and nails of the foot and ankle. These conditions can affect children or adults of any age and may be painful or asymptomatic.

Conditions of the skin that are managed at Sure Step Podiatry include Athletes foot, blisters, corns and calluses, cracked heels and warts.  Athletes foot is a skin condition caused by a fungal infection and warts are caused by a skin virus. Corns, callouses, blistering and cracking usually occur due to excessive pressure or friction on your feet or possibly previous scarring. Footwear can play a very important role in these conditions and at Sure Step Podiatry we will address your footwear as part of your management.

Conditions affecting the nails include thickened nails, splitting nails, painful ingrown toenails and fungal nail infections. Thickened toenails are usually associated with previous trauma or infection and can be managed easily with regular treatment. Painful ingrown nails can be treated with a once off treatment or chronic conditions may require a Partial Nail Avulsion procedure for permanent resolution. (see our Nail Surgery section for a detailed description of what Nail Surgery involves). Ingrown toenails are a common occurrence in children and may be associated with ill fitting shoes. Footwear assessment is an essential component of your or your Children’s assessment at Sure Step Podiatry.

With an appropriate assessment your podiatrist will formulate a treatment regime suited to your general podiatry needs. A one off treatment may be all that you require  or regular treatments may suggested to prevent many of these painful conditions from reoccurring or worsening.

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