Sure Step Podiatry pride themselves in being the only Podiatry clinic in Coffs Harbour with a specialized interest in and specific facilities for the paediatric patient. We see children with foot concerns from birth till the late teenage years.

Most children below the age of 2 presenting in our clinic have structural conditions associated with positioning of the baby in-utero. Many of these conditions resolve without any intervention before the child reaches 12 months of age. Others take longer to resolve and some may require intervention. The most common positional concerns we see in babies and toddlers are curly toes, metatarsus adductus (banana foot), positional talipes, genu varum (bowed legs), genu valgum(knock knees) and flat feet.

The most common developmental difficulties we see in young children include frequent tripping and falling, reduced muscle tone, stiff and jerky gait /walking patterns and limb length differences.

Children are also susceptible to conditions that cause pain in their knees, legs and feet. These include growing pains, calcaneal apophysitis (heel pain), joint pain and tendonitis associated with sports injuries. Many of the conditions are associated with biomechanical anomalies and overuse. A differential diagnosis of more serious underlying causes such as inflammatory disease and infection must be ruled out in all children with lower limb pain.

At Sure Step Podiatry we use the latest evidence based assessments and management regimes for the paediatric patient. We pride ourselves with our dedication to continuous education in Podopaediatrics.

Please see our Children’s /Paediatrics section for more detailed descriptions of the conditions we see.

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