16 Jul 2021

Plantar fasciitis:

What is the plantar fascia?

The plantar fascia is similar to a tendon made of flat fibrous tissue. In addition to supporting the arch, the fascia acts like an elastic band connecting the big toe and heel making the foot bones into a strong unit to propel off the toes. It also reduces tension when the heel hits the ground to help the bones absorb all the force going through the foot.

What is Plantar fasciitis?

It is inflammation of the plantar fascia because of repeated overstrain. There are many causes including the shoes people wear and the way people walk.A common cause is overly tight calf muscles reducing the amount of motion at the ankle forcing the arch area to work harder.

What are the treatment options?

– The main goal of treatment is to reduce pain and redistribute pressure from the plantar fascia.

– Short term options:

o Ice: Can be used long term when pain flares up to reduce inflammation.

o Taping: Can be used to help reduce the load and take strain away from the plantar fascia, to be worn for up to 3 days.

o Padding: A short term support for the arch, lasting 1-2 weeks.

o Massage/mobilisation: A gentle release of the strain in the plantar fascia, can be effective in conjunction with other treatments to relieve pain.

– Long term:

o Orthotics: A prescription is written for each individual person and their needs. A goal of supporting the arch and reducing the stress on the plantar fascia.

o Stretching and strengthening program: Reduced strength in surrounding muscle groups or reduced flexibility in different muscles can put extra strain on the plantar fascia.

o Surgical: corticosteroid injections can be used and should be discussed with a surgeon or GP. Surgical release of the fascia is also available

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Highly recommend this modern practice.I had a partial Nail Avulsion done by Isabella, as i kept getting a corn where the nail was digging into my skin. It was so efficient, painless and healed in no time. It is a perfect permanent solution to any such problems or ingrown toenails, all done under local anaesthetic. And the new toe nail looks just the same but a bit smaller.Fabulous.
Wendy Ritchie
Wendy Ritchie
05:05 03 Feb 22
My wife Sherrill and me have received great benefits from Anna at Sure Step Podiatry since 2013. Anna has applied her considerable diagnostic and treatment skills to our complicated feet with great success. We see Anna at Sure Step on a 5 weekly basis and the treatments we receive on those appointments literally keeps us on our feet. Its something we look forward to .
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clive moulstone
20:28 31 Jan 22
Great receptionist who made me most welcome with a lovely smile and very professional manner.
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Jan Scott
03:10 07 Jan 22
Great service! Professional, friendly and caring.
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Imaken Images
07:42 09 Sep 20
Anna, Karin and Brigid are all lovely. They spend the time to listen and address any concerns. They will give you the most accurate factual information and also have access to new diagnostic equipment making your visit more pleasant and comfortable with out having to refer you to another service. They accommodate late afternoon appointments for those after school or work appointments and emergency appointments for those in pain or at an extreme health risk. You are able to see Anna, Karin or Brigid at 3 locations on the Mid North Coast. Coffs Harbour, Nambucca and Woolgoolga. Each location is easily accessible with free parking. Hicaps is also available saving you the headache of claiming from your healthfund. 🤗 5 stars from me.
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Ashley Mosley
10:14 02 Aug 19
Parking is easily accessible and very close to town anyway. The rooms were nice and fresh, the staff there are lovely and caring. They gave me a very thorough assessment. I would highly recommend them.
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Ellen Barry
02:07 06 Jul 19
Experienced, professional and caring podiatrists.
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Kristen Power
10:07 20 Jun 19
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Susan Crocetti
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Easy parking at the rear, Fresh modern clinics and friendly and helpful staff.Can highly recommend Sure Step
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tim james
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