22 Jan 2020

Poor Lower limb function can trigger many painful musculoskeletal conditions due to the malalignment of your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Orthoses are custom made insoles inserted into your shoes to improve the function and posture of your feet and therefore act to reduce excessive forces that can contribute to injury and pain. After a detailed biomechanical and gait assessment, which usually includes vide gait assessment and use of a treadmill ,  your podiatrist will formulate a customised prescription suited to your specific needs.

Functional foot orthoses can be a very important tool in the management of many conditions including tendinopathies, overuse symptoms, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, metatarsalgia, bunion pain, shin splints, arch pain and many more. Functional foot orthoses in children may be used to assist in the management of growing pains, toe walking, painful flat feet, sports overuse injuries, heel pain and shin splints.

Orthoses  can be made from a variety of materials including polypropylene, EVA, carbon fibre and even nylon. The material your podiatrist prescribes for you depends on your prescription requirements, size ,activity level , footwear and age.

Custom made orthoses can be made from a 3D laser scan or a plaster cast mould of your feet. These techniques take an accurate impression of your feet and are then sent to a special podiatric laboratory for your orthotic manufacture.

When your orthoses are issued to you, you are given a regime to follow to get used to your new orthoses. This can take up to a couples of weeks. Sure Step Podiatry recommends a 1st follow up review a month from issue date.

Functional foot orthoses can last anywhere from 4 years to 6 years depending on your activity level and size. Growing children usually need a new prescription every 18 months to 2 years.

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