orthoses (3)
22 Jan 2020


Poor Lower limb function can trigger many painful musculoskeletal conditions due to the malalignment of…

school shoes small
06 Jan 2020

Back To School Podiatry Tips

At Sure Step Podiatry, we are passionate about all aspects of children’s feet and fitting…

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01 Nov 2019


Diabetes is a serious complex condition affecting the whole body. It requires daily self care…

22 Aug 2019

What Is a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are allied health professionals and normally spend four years at university to obtain their…

navicular pain
12 Aug 2019

Accessory Navicular

A painful condition causing medial foot pain may be due to a painful accessory navicular.…

shutterstock_691516984 heel pain
06 Aug 2019

Heel Pain

One of the most common conditions we see at Sure Step Podiatry in Coffs Harbour…

flat feet
23 Jul 2019

Flat Feet (pes planus)

The term flat feet (pes planus) refers to the posture of the feet where there…

plantar wart
10 Jul 2019

Plantar Warts / Verruca Pedis

 What is a plantar wart? Plantar warts are small growths on the weightbearing surface of…

03 Jul 2019

Our New Hub

  Karin Sutton and Anna Sokolowska are very excited to present the new home of…

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31 Aug 2015

Podiatrist Coffs Coast Sure Step Recommends Running Event

Sure Step Podiatry Coffs Harbour recommends an active and balanced lifestyle to support the health…

31 Aug 2015

Coffs Coast Child Magazine Health Directory

Sure Step Podiatry recently contributed to Coffs Coast Child Magazine as part of their new…

31 Aug 2015

Tips for Happy Feet

As recently seen in Coffs Coast "Coffs Coast Child Magazine" we have featured and written…

31 Jul 2015

New Website Launched

After two months of design and construction, we've now launched our brand new website! We're…